This course covers the doctrine of scripture from a reformed perspective. This course will cover knowing God, revelation, canon, inspiration, illumination, inerrancy, and sola scriptura. 

An introduction to the biblical doctrine of man will help students understand more clearly the moral and spiritual problem mankind faces.  It will also help us understand the humanity of Christ and the gospel of Christ.  Such instruction will assist students in declaring the gospel both privately and publicly.

This course guides the student in his development of a more consistent Christian Worldview. He or she will learn how to establish biblical guidelines for all areas of thought, including science, economics, politics and the arts. He will also learn to compare and contrast his Christian view of these areas with non Christian views. The course is based on the book, "Intellectual Integrity" by Dr. Richard B. Ramsay.

This course prepares the student to defend the Christian faith with greater confidence. First, it analyzes the uncertainty and inconsistency of the non-believer in a review of western philosophy.Then it explains some of the best arguments of Christian apologists, and helps the student develop answers to some of the most challenging questions. The text for the course is The Certainty of the Faith, by Dr. Richard B. Ramsay.