Getting Started

First Instructions for New Users

1. Registration

To make full use of the courses, you need to register for the whole site. Click on the "Log in" link on the top of the main home page.

Log in

Then on the page that opens, click the button called "Create new account," and follow the instructions to register.

New Account

You just need to create your own username and password, then give some basic information: your email, first name, last name, city and country where you live. Then click on "Create my new account."

Write down your personal ID and password. Each time you open the site, you will need to login by giving this information. This information will only be visible to the administrator of the site, not to other students.

Click "Continue." Within a few minutes, you should receive an email to confirm your registration. Click on the hyperlink provided in the email.

2. Selecting a Course

From the main home page, select a course. When you click on a category, it opens a list of all the courses in that category, with a description for each one. To go to a course, click on the title.

3. Enrolling and Paying for a Course

When you click on the title of a course, you will be asked to make a payment using PayPal. Follow the instructions. You will not need to create a PayPal account to do this. But if you would like to open an account, see their site on the Internet: There is no cost to open this account.

4. Starting a Course

To begin a course, read the syllabus first. This will give the basic instructions.

5. Navigating through a course

For each lesson, first read the assignments for each lesson and follow the instructions. The administrative menus in the margin can be collapsed or opened, clicking on the small box.

6. Tests

The tests are timed. When the clock indicates the time is up, the test will be closed automatically. When you finish a test, you can your grade see immediately, and you can see the correct answers. 

You can see a list of your grades at any time by clicking on "Grades" in the "Administration" box in the margin.

7. Lose Your Password?

If for some reason, you forget your password, you may click on "Lost password?" in the Login block. An email will be sent to you giving you instructions.

8. Return to Home Page

Notice that there are two ways to return to the main page of the course after opening a page. You may click on the title of the course in the menu at the top of the page, or you may click on the title of the course in the margin under "Current Course."

Last modified: Thursday, 25 September 2014, 3:40 PM