Suggestions for Grading Written Projects

Suggestions for professors or facilitators who grade essays or other written projects.

Include the following aspects in the evaluation of a written project:

CONTENT (60% of grade)

Does the introduction interest the reader in the essay and identify the topic?

In the rest of the essay, is the topic developed clearly and logically?

Are all points related to the main subject of the essay?

Does the conclusion sum up the main point and properly finish the essay?

In general, is the content interesting and clear?

Does the essay make practical application of the topic studied?

Does the author make an effort to give biblical support for his points?


In general, are there few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors?

Are the sentences and paragraphs structured well?

Is the essay organized in a way that is easy to follow?

Is there a good use of vocabulary?

Are transitional phrases used properly?

Are the title page, the contents, and the section titles properly formatted?

Are the footnotes and the bibliography properly formatted?

DOCUMENTATION (10% of grade)

Are quotations properly documented?

Are borrowed ideas properly documented?

Do the footnotes contain the proper information?

Does the bibliography contain the proper information?

Note: Plagiarism should be taken very seriously. If the grader believes that the student has intentionally copied from another source without giving proper credit, the student should be confronted.

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